How to Use Quora to Become an Expert and Sell your Online Course

This is a part of a multi-post series How to Growth Hack your Online Course and Make Money?

Building authority is crucial when selling your online course. Along with creating creating great content, you’ll also find it very advantageous to position yourself as an expert by answering questions on Quora. If done effectively, you will also get the added benefit of attracting additional traffic from Quora to your course.

I’ve actually been able to do this effectively by becoming the Most Viewed Writer  in the Daily Deal and Group Buying topics.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 09.51.45.png

7 Step Execution Plan:

  1. Search keywords for your Online Course’s topic
  2. Start answering some easy questions even if others have already answered them. Offer small bits of info and continue with more robust answers using your blog
  3. Add these topics to your Bio
  4. Add a link to your course in your Bio and update your title to Expert in “X”
  5. Take some of the larger themes or ideas from your course and create short blog posts with links to your course
  6. Take those blog posts and start adding links to appropriate answers to Quora questions
  7. You’ll start noticing the same question on Quora. Create a blog post answering those questions with small bits of content from your course.

Positioning yourself as an expert will help generate traffic and add authority to your Online course.

Like most marketing campaigns, it usually takes a few tries and a good “mix” of channels to get enough momentum to make a good amount of money.

Leave a comment or find me on Twitter or LinkedIn. Would love to talk about what growth hacks you’ve used or if you’ve found success trying this one.

If you missed the first part in this series, learn more about Distribution: How to use Daily Deal Sites to Promote your Online Course?

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