Marketing Tools and Resources

The best list of effective marketing tools and resources to help any digital marketer.

Growth Hacking Articles

  1. 101 Growth Hacking ideas
  2. – 1 idea a day. Sean Ellis is doing the same with Daily #growthideas on
  3. Andrew Chen: Growth Hacker is the new VP of Marketing
  4. Ryan Holiday: Why all Marketers should be Growth Hackers (via Forbes)
  5. Ryan Holiday: Growth Hacker Marketing Book
  6. Sean Ellis: Startup Marketing
  7. Conrad Wadoski: Start Thinking like a Growth Hacker
  8. Wired: A/B Testing: How it’s changing Business
  9. Unbounce: Build landers, no developers needed
  10. TigerTiger: Ultimate Growth Hacking Sourcebook
  11. ClickMinded: Tommy’s Guide to SEO Hacks


  1. Evernote: Epic notetaking
  2. Asana: Prioritize tasks team-wide
  3. Dropbox: Cloud storage and I now use for all my screenshots. Just wish it used shortened urls
  4. Boomerang for Gmail: Automate emails

LeadGen and Outreach/ Business Development

  1. Ninja Outreach: Killer tool that I got a lifestime subscription on Appsumo
  2. Clear bit Connect – Trying to pitch a partnership? Get anyone’s contact info for free
  3. Web scraping tool for competitive research

Content Marketing

  1. Hubspot
  2. NY Innovation Report
  3. Buzz sumo


  1. Google Analytics Training


  1. Moz: Learn SEO
  2. Moz: Beginners Guide
  3. Moz: How to rank?
  4. Google: Learn about Sitemaps
  5. Openlinks: Backlinks
  6. BrowseSEO: View your site like Google does

Paid/ SEM

  1. Search Engine land: What is paid search?
  2. Google Adwords for Beginners: Tutorial by Corey Rabazinski


  1. Email any blog – tips@{nameofblog}.com
  2. HARO:

Social Media

  1. Google Alerts
  2. Sprout social – For customer service
  3. Buffer
  4. Vanilla Forums


  1. Udemy
  2. Coursera: Just launched b2b offering
  3. General Assembly – for a mix of online and f2f learning


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